Literacy and Numeracy

Just listening to Radio Scotland and discussion about the fall in standards in literacy and numeracy. Curriculum for Excellence and teachers seem to be getting a bit of a bashing, but, I’m wondering, what example do we show to our children? When did your child last see you reading a book as means of relaxation, something you do for pleasure? When did they last see you write a letter rather than type an email or text (or blog!) How often do they hear incorrect grammar being spoken, even by those in (supposed) authority? I’ve been quite horrified to hear teachers, ministers, politicians all using dreadful grammar – what example are they to our children?

Is literacy really as important in our technological world as long as we can communicate? I love the saying that grammar isn’t really that important until you hear of someone who, in their spare time, enjoys cooking their children and their pets. Now, don’t get me started about there, their and they’re 😉

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  1. Lindsay MacCallum

    Sure I read that literacy levels have been largely unchanged since we started measuring them. More political nonsense and doesn’t bode well for the wider curriculum…yet again!

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