Hatch Day

Its hatch day but at playgroup on Thursday Jane said there was no sign of anything happening. When she went home though she saw a little crack in an egg. That’s called the egg “pipping”. Thats the first thing the chick does when it starts to come out. Its hard work for the chick to pip the egg so sometimes it has a rest after the pip then it gets ready to “unzip!”


Click on the pictures below to see the unzipping!

Unzip 1Unzip 2

Unzip 3Unzip 4

When it comes out the egg the chick is really wet so it stays in the incubator a wee while to let it fry off a wee bit then it can come out and go into a warm place to dry off properly. Click on the next photo too to hear our wee chick saying “Hello!”

Tweeting still

Isn’t it just adorable!
Chick Pic copy

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