Its Summer – Let’s Play Outside

Summer is the perfect time to get the children outside to play. The days are longer and its (slightly) warmer and, with the holidays about to start, I thought it might be worth giving you some reasons to get outside.


Studies show that children who play outside are

  1. more independent
  2. healthier
  3. more creative
  4. have a better understanding of the world around them
  5. more physically fit and able
  6. better coordinated
  7. do better in school
  8. have stronger bones
  9. understand and manage their own risk better
  10. have better eyesight
  11. are happier
  12. sleep better

(more information on these benefits can be found below)

So, this summer, there are many really good reason to get outside. I have my fingers crossed for some good summer weather but remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, and there are plenty of fun things to do outside even on wet days.

Walking barefoot on the beach, hunting for crabs, shells and stones

Playing in the burn


Telling the time with a dandelion clock

flower perfume

Making perfume from flower petals

Balancing on slippy rocks, catching fish

Splashing in the sea

Splashing in muddy puddles

playing in the mud

make a daisy chain

More information on the above benefits of outdoor play

  1. Outdoor play is less adult prescribed allowing children to make decisions about where to play and who to play with.
  2. Bacteria, viruses and other yucky stuff in the soil and mud helps develop our immune systems and can help combat asthma and allergies.Research shows that children who are active are more like to remain active in later life reducing future risks of cancer, diabetes and obesity.
  3. The indoor environment is fairly stable whereas the outdoor world changes minute by minute, this encourages interest and stimulates curiosity and imagination.
  4. Children learn about the world around them through direct experiences, they learn names for trees, flowers, animals and insects. They appreciate seasonality and weather patterns and increase their environmental awareness
  5. Running around, exploring, climbing, playing with sticks and stones strengthens muscles and bones and increases stamina and dexterity.
  6. Uneven or unstable surfaces such as rocks, trees, sand and mud develop balance, agility and dexterity
  7. Regular access to outdoor play improves concentration, attention span and memory
  8. Most of our vitamin D comes from sunlight, vitamin D is essential for strong bones
  9. The outdoor environment provides challenge and excitement and encourages children to explore their own limitations and stretch their abilities. It promotes resilience, persistence and confidence.
  10. Sunshine and natural light lower the chance of short sightedness and improves distance vision.
  11. Access to outdoor areas relieves stress and promotes a sense of wellbeing.
  12. Active physical play in the outdoors burns energy. It reduces anxiety and stress and aids restful sleep.

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