Its as easy as riding a bike

This youtube clip of a dog carrying a long stick and crossing a narrow bridge and another of a squirrel working out how to get to the bird feeder

had me thinking about how we celebrate the success of the animal world, how we embrace their intelligence and problem solving abilities. Compare the celebration of animal success with how we treat children. An article on bike riding caught my eye.

An invention which helps to teach a child to ride a bike without stabilisers. How clever, how easy, how fast. Yes, the skill of bike riding is learned but what about learning about patience, determination and satisfaction?

What about the memories of the long hours and skinned knees. Precious time, spent watching them practise, picking them up, dusting them off and helping them back on again.

I remember very clearly my aching back, the gritted teeth, the repeated reassurances and even more clearly the joy on the faces of my sons and my glowing pride in them when they finally mastered the two wheeler. Learning to ride a bike is one of these life skills, its not just about the physical capability, the learning involved for both the child and teacher is huge.

Why is it that we celebrate the achievements of animals and wonder at their abilities but when it comes to our children do we try to make  their lives as easy as possible. I can’t help but feel we are missing some of the point of learning.

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