New Term

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to playgroup tomorrow.

Our plans for the coming year are fairly fluid but, as I mentioned at the AGM, we intend to focus our year on a cruise round the world. I will develop this further (or not!) depending on what the children are interested in.
For the coming few weeks however we will be planning our trip and my intention is to use this as a “getting to know you” topic so we’ll be making our passports which will (hopefully) mean thinking about what we look like, we’ll think about who we are leaving at home (who lives with us/who is in our family), what we’ll take with us (special toys), etc.
Our objectives this term are to see our new children settled in, to get to know them and find out what interests them, to ensure that all of our children are happy and confident in the setting, to ensure the setting is providing them all with the challenge and opportunity they need and that all children know what we expect of them and understand our rules.
We will be continuing to use the garden area as much as possible and children will have the choice of indoor or outdoor play at all times. Please make sure children are appropriately clothed for the weather and when it gets (I’m being optimistic the current short dry spell may last) wetter and colder we’d appreciate a change of shoes for indoors.

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