Play is mince.

Parents concerned with providing healthy meals for their children often stress about getting them to eat more vegetables. Consequently parents develop a recipe in their repertoire which sneaks vegetables into children’s food without them realising. For me and others its a mince based dish like spaghetti bolognese or chilli. For years I’ve added a vast array of veg to my mince dishes and watched my sons eat with no complaints, more, they would even ask me again and again to make these vegetable studded options declaring them favourites. How proud I would feel knowing I was providing all that goodness without them knowing.

I recently saw a description of play that compared it to spaghetti bolognese. While kids are running, jumping, pretending, creating and building, without realising it, they are learning. Precious nuggets of information and knowledge smuggled into them through play. As parents and early years professionals we want our children to want to learn – what better way than to let them play.

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