Woodland Play March 2017

Another lovely month in the woods. We have some of our new equipment now so we tried to build some dens with our tarpaulins and blankets and used our pulley to take Santa back and forward over the river.

There are loads of changes  since last month – we can see more colours and more flowers on our walk to and from the site. We didn’t see any lambs in the fields but Farmer Ian and his sheepdogs brought the sheep right past us. We think that maybe he is taking them back to his home in case they have some born lambs.

The burn has continued to be the focus of our play, we are getting very good at watching where we put our feet and not going into the deep bits when they are too deep for our wellies. The burn it is a ready source of ingredients like sticks, stones and mud for soup and hot chocolate. The bank is very muddy and we have adopted some great techniques at getting in and out of the water. We have explored the cave and island on the far side of the burn and, we even saw a shark in the burn today. It nearly ate Jane all up!

We will miss our visit to the woods in April because of the Easter holidays but wonder what we will find there in May!



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