Risk and Resilience

I attended a very interesting course on Risk and Resilience this week organised by Circle of Life  Rediscovery and given by Tim Gill. I’ve referred to Tim’s writings often in my practice and studies and it was great to meet him and listen to him in person.

The course was delivered in the middle of a wood near Laughton in England, unfortunately a dreich, cold day so we were huddled under a tarpaulin and round a fire. Not the easiest of conditions to take notes but I wanted to highlight a couple of the things Tim mentioned that really stuck with me. One, was from Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer. In her 2012 Annual Report she suggested that we need to expose children to low doses of risk and challenge so that they develop the skills to let them deal with life’s challenges. Being a “medical” officer Dame Sally phrased this as inoculating children to allow them to develop immunity to life’s challenges, a great analogy.  Tim’s own blog on this can be found in his “Chief Medical Officer prescribes play and risk as well as pills“post.

Tim also showed us this graphic from a Daily Mail article which shows how much more restricted children are today in their ability to wander and play on their own. Moreover, much of children’s play today is adult directed reducing children’s ability to develop skills such as independence, confidence and responsibility. As adults, he suggested, we need to find ways to compensate them for this reduction in play opportunity and freedom.

Children's play areas



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  1. Great to meet you too Jane. Thanks for taking the time to write this post, and for so elegantly pulling out two key overarching messages I want people to take from my work.

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