Jane Senior Playleader and Lead Practitioner, Jane Bain

Jane has led our playgroup since 2003 and holds a BA in Childhood Practice and is currently working towards completing her honours year. Jane re-trained after having her 4 sons, her initial degree in Computing Science and IT background still coming in useful. Jane has a specific interest in outdoor learning and is trained in delivering Forest Kindergarten sessions. Jane is also keen on crafts specifically knitting and quilting. A dog-lover, Jane has 2 flat coated retrievers and breeds the occasional litter of puppies who are always welcome visitors to playgroup.


Assistant Playleader, Louisa Jenkins

Louisa has been with Gargunnock Playgroup since 2012, and holds an SVQ3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development. Louisa returned to work after her daughter started school, and has previous experience in working with young children. Louisa lives on a farm and enjoys helping outdoors during hay time. Louisa enjoys swimming, cooking/baking and reading. Louisa is also actively involved with her daughter’s school and Parent Council.

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