Blogs I follow

Some of the blogs and websites of people who interest me

Ellen Sandseter

Ellen has written many research papers about the role of risk in children’s play. I’ve quoted her many many times in my work.

John Carnochan – Responding Differently

I first came across John at the SPPA (now Early Years Scotland) conference in 2014 and found his speech totally inspiring. His controversial stance is that care professionals such as those in Early Years are not just doing a job which requires technical skills, processes and procedures and instead of professional development and regulations we should be looking to develop compassion, empathy and humanity and allowing professionals to “care.” I find his writing very appropriate to the playgroup setting and the issues registration and legislation provide.

Juliet Robertson – Creative Star Learning Company

Juliet is the author of a great book called “Dirty Teaching” which advocates the benefits of outdoor learning.

June O’Sullivan – London Early Years Foundation

June also spoke at the SPPA conference in 2014 and was both entertaining and inspiring. Another refreshing and challenging personality.

Richard Louv

Richard is another outdoor enthusiast who coined the phrase “nature deficit disorder”

Tim Gill – Rethinking Childhood

Tim’s writing is inspiring – he “believes that children and young people have the potential to be more resilient, responsible, capable and creative than we give them credit for. Yet their lives are becoming ever more scheduled, controlled and directed. If children are to enjoy and make the most of their lives, we need to revisit and revise our ideas of what a good childhood looks and feels like.”

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